Helping education professionals shine.


TeacherPortfolio is an online platform giving educational professionals the tools they need to showcase their teaching style, document classroom evidence and track professional development.


Designed with education in mind, TeacherPortfolio works across classrooms and schools to connect today’s professionals and inspire tomorrow’s learning.


Connect with colleagues and capture your career highlights. Free and easy to use, with full editorial, privacy and copyright settings.


Set goals, share work and showcase success with a professional profile that’s yours for life.


Take your teaching community online with a dynamic profile that’s unique to your school.


Instant updates and ‘starred content’ make it easy to share resources, track targets and manage information.


Collate evidence of your team's work.


Streamline communications and share information across multiple teaching sites.


Collect data, compare performance and connect colleagues across the curriculum.


Build an online community that inspires and supports professional excellence.

TeacherPortfolio for teachers


Create as many portfolio projects as you wish -  to share your classroom, your teaching, your professional learning, your successes.

Create private 'development' projects, using Teacher Portfolio to experiment or to explore your thinking.


It's not just documents: why not share film, images, podcasts, audio, embed or share external links, and connect to social media?

 Because Teacher Portfolio belongs to you,  you can decide how it is shared and with whom.


You can share bench marked individual materials, or even whole projects, providing powerful evidence of your professional development.

The dashboard helps you understand your professional profile, and so helps you map future learning.


Teacher Portfolio has a powerful evaluation section, allowing teachers to share their professional learning with colleagues or managers.

Each teacher's portfolio will be a rich source of pride, showcasing both their skills and subject knowledge

There are four easy to use sections that will help you build your portfolio and showcase your hard work.

Teaching Standards

Easily view the teaching standards set by your school to help you demonstrate how you meet those standards in your portfolio.

Professional Learning

Create as many portfolio projects as you wish -  to share your classroom, your teaching, your professional learning, your successes.

Learning Projects

Showcase the learning projects that you have undertaken to help you in your work.

Achievements and Targets

Share your achievements and set yourself targets.

Start building your portfolio

It's easy to get started with TeacherPortfolio. Personalise your page, upload content, post photos and videos – all in just a few simple clicks. Once you're live, you can take control with our dynamic privacy features and relax safe in the knowledge that your profile is backed-up and protected.

Click here to get started.

TeacherPortfolio for schools

Teacher Portfolio allows you to import criteria or standards - national or international, examination board or accreditation agency, school-based or external. 

Using your school's standards for learning and teaching within Teacher Portfolio, the school can choose to use Teacher Portfolio to create an evidence-based, collaborative forum for professional development evaluation.

If you choose, there's an evaluation dashboard to help a school understand the professional profile of its community, providing real-time data about all projects, and all material, shared by all teachers.

For pricing and to find out more about how TeacherPortfolio could benefit your school, please contact us.

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