Exam Kiosk

The open-source app (PWA) created for educators by the community.

Version 1.0.0 officially launched on the 31st March 2022, however this page and all related content is liable to change as the project progresses. Please join us, details below.

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Background & Project

Many years back, as an EdTech consultancy we (North27) came across the requirement for a very simple application to allow students to complete an exam on a computer (a Mac initially) such that they couldn't use spell checking etc. That proved way harder than you'd think, it certainly felt harder than it should have been.

Utilising our software team, we wanted to write an application to solve the problem but as it would need to work offline etc. it meant probably writting a standalone application, which would cause distribution and update issues, so in the end we parked it.

Fast forward to recent years and the humble PWA has gained momentum, Google Lighthouse now includes it as a specific category and with "kiosk" mode functionalty more generally available and mature, the Internet seems more ready than ever.

An exam "app" needs to be something you can trust and the best way to do that is to make the code public/open-source to show that there are no hidden surprises.

Teachers, Admins, we’d love your input. Harnessing our development and design teams, together we would like to build an open-source exams kiosk app/PWA for use with Google Workspace (or any other platform) and take you on the journey.

If you’re curious about software development, UX, UI, integration, testing, deployment, Chromebook kiosk mode etc. please join us and follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

So far we have created a simple specification detailing the need, some features, designed a suggested user interface (UI) and have tested a proof of concept.



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Let's collaborate!

Functional Specification

We would love your feedback. Open to the concept of Cunningham’s Law, we have linked here to our specification for comment. What could we do, tweak etc. for you to use this in your school, with your exam board and processes?

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Interface Design & Experience

In addition, we have linked to our Figma UI design, for comment and via the link below you can view the prototype. Here you can see (even preview) a UX (user experience) mockup and click the speech bubble to add a comment.

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Code (JavaScript) & PWA Host

For those with knowledge of JavaScript, please subscribe to the Github repo, raise an issue (request), clone it and maybe, either now or in the future submit your contribution (PR).

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pull/push, clone etc.

Why are we doing this?

North27 was formed to support schools, as part of that we adapted the Nolan principles as our guiding set of principles:


This project not only nicely aligns but helps explain what we do, showcases how we can help and hopefully engages the EdTech community to create something awesome!