MIS to G Suite synchronisation

Our unique service syncs from one cloud to the other, without the need for any other software or servers.

Sync Groups, Calendars and more!

By default the service syncs daily, pulling through staff/student groups and calendars. It pulls through all the year groups and class groups etc. We could also apply conditional formatting, change naming conventions and tweak/reformat any of the data within reason. The service can also allow individual staff to not be sync’d as required and includes basic reporting (via email) for admins.


Includes any definable groups, classes, sets, years etc. All sync'd data becomes available across the suite including Classroom and Gmail etc.


Timetables for staff and students.


We recognise that every school is different, and our service can be tailored to meet your needs.


Our service is fully supported and includes all minor (fair and reasonable) tweaks as required.


A student's view of their timetable. The event can even link to their Google Classroom!


Here you can see how the groups appear in Google Classroom, which is similar to GMail, Sites etc.


Classrooms can be automatically created with students enrolled and their guardians invited.

Secure by design

Syncronisation happens inside a secure, unique and temporary Docker container that only exists for the time in use! GDPR compliant.

Installation & Configuration

We will guide and support you through the process end-to-end, from setting up the API permissions through to the specifics for your school e.g. lesson/period times and terminology, we will then through an iterative process test, tweak, test etc. until you're happy and finally deploy live.


As each installation and configuration is different the price varies depending on the requirement, but to give an indicative idea, the initial setup is charged at a day rate of £450 (+VAT) per timetable and requires a minimum of two days.


The annual service and support fee is charged at £2 (+VAT) per student.


The prerequisites are access to either iSAMS or Progresso (Cloud School) API module and G Suite for Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why would I want to install GSync? How does it benefit me?

A) If you rely on Google G Suite, in particular Classroom, GSync will save you time, improve stability through group memberships you can rely on, improve quality through standardisation and enable management oversight.

Q) Does it work with ManageBac?

A) GSync does integrate with ManageBac but the information currently accessible is minimal so in practical terms its use is very limited. We are in discussions so watch this space.

Q) What is the installation process?


  1. Once the DPA (Data Protection Agreement, if applicable) and Requirements Form have been completed.

  2. We’ll arrange a remote session to connect your APIs (this usually takes about 30 minutes).

  3. Based on the Requirements Form we will run an initial limited test for feedback; this process may repeat a few times.

  4. Once you are happy we will sync the other users as required.

Q) We have week A and week B at my school. Does GSync work with this setup?

A) Yes. We can support any definable pattern.

Q) We have a prep school and a secondary school. Can I just sync the secondary school?

A) Yes. The setup cost is per timetable so this would be cheaper too.

Q) Can I choose which subjects I want to be synced?

A) Yes. The system is flexible by design so you can also choose which subjects or users for which app you’d like to sync.

Q) How many times does the sync run daily?

A) By default GSync runs twice daily, but this is user definable and we have schools (that due to the amount of daily change) sync more frequently. You can also now run ad hoc.

Q) Does Classroom have any reporting?

A) From September ‘19, we are delighted to say yes!

Want to know more?

We'd love to talk to you about your requirements and how we can help. Equally, if you'd like a formal quote or just to stay up-to-date with progress, please click the button below.


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